Boost It


This Program has been designed for those people that are looking to BOOST their training programs.

BOOST IT’s main aim is to improve your Cardiovascular (Aerobic) fitness. Its a great idea if you are training for an upcoming event like a marathon, Around the bay in a day or if you are just looking to get fitter than ever before.

With the help of your Personal Trainer our BOOST IT program will see you boxing, running, riding and climbing your way to your fitness goals.

Included in your BOOST IT training pack:

  • 2 PT Sessions a week (OVER 12 WEEKS)
  • Eating for energy CD
  • Cardio training DVD
  • Focus T-shirt / Singlet
  • Glycemic index handout
  • Fitness consultation
  • Personal high NRG program
  • 3 month gym membership


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