Personal Training

Personal Training is the best way to achieve your results quickly with motivation and education.

Our unique Success Based Training (SBT) System will give you all the tools you require to reach your ultimate goal:

  • Manage your training program
  • Motivate you to succeed and get your best possible results
  • Monitor your homework and progress on your personal program
  • Maintain your enthusiasm and your training standards
  • Momentum will constantly build as you head in the right direction
  • Maximum results
  • Minimum period of time


Success Based Training (SBT) is a system that bridges the gap between personal training studios and mainstream fitness centers.

It will provide you the opportunity to train with experienced and qualified personal trainers within a simple to follow systemized programme.

What are the benefits of SBT?

  • Accelerate your training results
  • Provides continuous motivation in your training
  • Create greater awareness of your eating and nutritional habits
  • Fantastic energizing sessions tailored to the individual
  • Enthusiastic and positive role-models as your trainers


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Timeframe for Achieving Results (diagram)

Feel phase

  • Feel more energized
  • Feel less stressed
  • Feel proud of your commitment
  • Feel healthier


See Phase

  • See body fat loss
  • See increased muscle tone
  • See your clothes becoming looser
  • See how much easier it is getting


Results Phase

  • Achieve great fitness
  • Achieve body fat loss
  • Achieve increased tone
  • Achieve reduced stress
  • Achieve satisfaction

These specialized programs have been designed to help you create a major transformation in your health, body, and life in just 12 weeks.

  • Each program includes a backpack, ½ hour massage voucher, and drink bottle.
  • You will also receive an educational handout each week for 12 weeks that will help you create the attitudes, habits and behaviors that will create lasting and transformational results.
  • Enjoy an SBT training session 1-3 times per week
  • Comprehensive health consultations completed on a regular basis
  • Create your 12 week goals and embark on achieving them daily
  • Remain motivated and challenged with your weekly personal training
  • Establish optimal eating and exercise habits by following set ‘homework’ tasks
  • Follow our healthy eating plans based on a 1 hr nutrition consultation
  • Remain accountable to yourself and to your trainer


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All of our trainers fully qualified and have completed Certificate IV in Fitness Instruction (Personal Training).

They are passionate role models who provide the highest level of inspiration, and encouragement to each of their clients, while helping them achieve, reach, and exceed their highest goals.

You’ll also find that they will make the journey fun, rewarding, and exciting by using a great variety of training methods in your 1-on-1 sessions.

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